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William L. Duvall, Th.D.

Brother Bill, as he is so fondly called, is an ordained Southern Baptist minister who has had the honor of pastoring both small and large multi-staffed churches as well as conducting Revivals and Bible Conferences across America.

Some highlights of his ministry includes: Establishing Bill Duvall Ministries, INC., The Christ Is The Answer Radio Broadcast, operates his website, started two (2) churches, baptized 76 souls in the closing service of a Soul Winning campaign with 596 total additions to the church during the same period, has written and published sixty – six (66) Christian books, Study Guides and many Seminary courses. In addition to the above writings, in retirement, he has written verse by verse commentaries on all 66 New Testament and Old Testament books.

Brother Bill has had the honor of being called “Pastor” by eighteen (18) different churches and has served his denomination as an Interim Associational Missionary.

In addition to his preaching and writing, he is a gifted humorist and after dinner speaker.

Dr. Duvall was married to his childhood sweetheart, the former Marilyn Hutson, who is now home with her Lord. It was Marilyn who led Brother Bill to the Lord as she would not marry a person who was not saved.

The Duvall’s have one son, William Todd and his wife Cherrye, Two grandchildren, Blake and his wife Sarah and their daughters Sparkle Lynn and Stara Zel, and Bridgette and her husband Ryan and their son Keegan Bear and daughter Keiki Nicole, all active in Sothern Baptist churches!

Now, how did this all come about?

Brother Bill was born to Lester Duvall and Lillie Teague Duvall in Lake Village, Arkansas, August 29, 1936, a year filled with firsts in aviation’s, sports and countries readying themselves for World War II (1940-1945). Soon the family moved to Atkins, Arkansas where Brother Bill grew up, got saved and married the love of his life, Marilyn Hutson Duvall. Marilyn and Bill moved to California right out of high school to get rich and that they did, but not in money! God gave them their only child, William Todd, whom God would use to get them back in church. Bill became an ardent soul winner, taught Sunday School, was ordained a Deacon and surrendered to the ministry. Realizing he needed more education, Marilyn worked and put Bill through college and Seminary. In all, he earned 4 degrees, the last being the Doctor of Theology degree.

God honored Bill by giving him 18 different churches to pastor and the ability to write many Christian books, Study Guides on everything from sex to the Second Coming and everything in between.

How does a little boy who was born in abject poverty following the Great Depression, with the world in complete turmoil, arise from all this to reach the masses for Christ? The answer of course is obedience to Christ and the Holy Spirit’s working in the hearts of mankind.

When Dr. Duvall would share his life story with someone, they would usually ask, "Preacher, are you bragging?" “Yes I am, he would reply, but not on me! Marilyn got me saved, married me and educated me, gave me Todd who got us all back in church, and God made it all happen!”

What happened yesterday, good or bad, prepares us for tomorrow, which will be repeated over and over throughout our lives. Can Dr. Duvall do today what he was able to do as a young Pastor? No, but that young Pastor could not do then what he is able to do now! Look what God can do and is still doing with a little baby boy from Lake Village, Arkansas!

At 85 years of age and basically dead from the waist down, what is one to do? God immediately whispered, Start a “Physically Challenged” ministry and preach to others like yourself, bussing them in as you did children back in the 70’s-80’s, if they have no other way of transportation. My mind went into overdrive as I thought of the possibilities!

I talked to my Pastor friends whom I have great trust in and they all agreed that not only could it be done, but was a greatly needed ministry. After all, there is a plethora of retired pastors, Ministers of Music and musicians just waiting to be used again. Years ago, I would have financed the ministry myself until it could support itself as I did the two churches I started. However, in retirement, this is no longer possible and will be financed as God speaks to His people and they give accordingly.

Our churches are not designed to handle all the wheelchair and near wheelchair bound spaces needed but there are vacant businesses in most of our cities we could use and our services could be scheduled mid-afternoon so as to not interfere with our regular church services. This would leave us with a plethora of workers to serve in this ministry. Some churches could use fellowship halls or other facilities they might have.

We ask that you pray for us as dreams become plans and plans become realities!

Also, anyone can visit my website where I supply my eBooks for free to those who need the material to use in their ministry or simply for self-edification. It is


  January 2022  
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